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  • Is there a dress code?
    Our wedding will be black tie optional. While Nic loves her cozies and athleisure, Armand loves any excuse to dress up.... Marriage is a compromise, right?
  • Are all of the events indoors?
  • Who’s the wedding ninja?
    Meet Merida. Yes, her name is pronounced like the Disney princess, but our Merida is much more of a badass. Merida is the couple’s wedding planner-coordinator-wrangler extraordinaire. She and her team have carte blanche to do whatever they need to so that Nic and Armand have the best day ever. If you need something on the day of the wedding, ask Merida. +1 (215) 527-5344
  • What time does the ceremony begin?
    Please be sure to be seated in church no later than 12:45p. The wedding will begin promptly at 1p.
  • Is it okay to take pictures with our phones, iPad, and/or cameras during the wedding?
    Please do not use your devices during the actual wedding. Our friends from Dreadko Media will be spending all day and night with us, capturing every moment. We’ve paid these fine folks to be the photographers for our events. We will share their pictures after the wedding - promise. Do not be these people. Put the devices away. During the reception, you’re invited to take as many pictures as your heart desires.
  • What can we do between the ceremony and the reception?
    There will be a ~2.5ish hour break between the ceremony & reception. While the wedding party uses this time for photos, you could: 1. Explore Main Street. There are so many shops, boutiques, coffee joints and bars. Some of our favorites include: Volo Coffeehouse | 2.9 mi from the hotel. 7min drive or 23 min walk Valerio Coffee | 2.5 mi from the hotel. 7min drive or 25 min walk Fat Lady Brewing | 2.8 mi from the hotel. 7min drive or 22 min walk Manayunk Brewing Company | 2.5 mi from the hotel. 7min drive or 16 min walk Bark Social | 1.9 mi from the hotel. 7 min drive or 7 min walk (humans get in for free. No dog required) 2. Grab a light snack or a cocktail at The Landing Kitchen on the hotel campus 3. Relax or nap at the hotel. 4. Take a hike... or a stroll. The Cynwyd Trail, The Wissahickon, The Manayunk Towpath and The Manayunk Bridge are all at your disposal. 5. Make new friends in other guests attending the wedding.
  • Will there be an open bar at the reception?
    Yup! Please make sure you're hydrating before, during and after the wedding.
  • I have a severe food allergy. How do I let you know?
    If you have a severe food allergy, please contact Nic as soon as possible. You'll be able to provide this information with your RSVP.
  • What time is dinner served?
    Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served during cocktail hour, beginning at 5p EST with dinner to follow. Come hungry.
  • Will there be an after party?
    The reception will conclude at 10p and there will not be a formal after party hosted by the newlyweds. While there is no hotel bar, Main Street is 2.5 miles from the hotel.
  • Are you planning to have a registry?
    We are extremely lucky to have love, laughter and small house (and storage unit!) full of all the physical items we need... and then some. If you'd like to honor us with a wedding gift, please consider monetary gifts toward our honeymoon or our future home. We have wedding registry at that has a mix of traditional gifts, experiences and cash funds for our future.
  • Can I share photos or videos I've taken at your wedding weekend?
    Yes! Please use the hashtag #otterlyalberto so all of the posts are grouped together. If you share any professional photos that our photography team has taken, please be sure to credit them accordingly. Dreadko Media is the photographer group. Their instagram handle is @dreadkomedia
  • What's the best way to contact you if I have additional questions?
    Anytime before the wedding, please text or email Nic. The day of the wedding, please text or call or find Merida: +1 (215) 527-5344
  • What is MANGOalberto?
    MANGO stands for Max & Mango Armand Nickki Gabe Olivia and also spells out the smallest dog's name. Nic discovered this one Christmas while hanging up the stockings and the acronym for this little Alberto family has stuck ever since.
  • Why otterlyalberto?
    Armand & Nic share many memories together around the otters fountain on Jefferson University's campus from the first time he ran the Ben Franklin Bridge with her (ha!), to many ice cream dates together and with the kids, to walks around the city leading back there, to where Armand proposed. Otters are a symbol of luck and a healthy environment. Much like Nic, they eat 25% of their body weight a day. Much like Armand, they can sleep up to 11 hours a day. You'll find otters all over their house. Even the Jeep has an otter named Carter! Otterly is a play on utterly -completely and without qualification; absolutely - in combination with our favorite animal. Alberto? Well, that should be obvious. ;-)
  • How did Armand propose?
    You'll have to ask Armand. Nic blacked out (figuratively, not literally) and doesn't remember everything that happened. There was an otter fountain, taco bell packets and a velvet suit involved.
  • What will the weather be like?
    December in Philadelphia is winter. Temperatures will be cold, averaging temperatures between 33°F and 44°F.
  • What are the preferred hotel rates for the room block?
    King studio suite $199 +tax per night 1 bedroom 2 Queen beds & sofa bed suite $239 +tax per night
  • What if the hotel says there are no more rooms under the hotel block?
    This means we'll will need to add more rooms to the block. Please message Nic to let her know. If you're trying to book after October 31, 2023, you will need to book through the hotel directly at whatever rate they are currently offering.
  • I'm having trouble booking my hotel room. Can you help?
    Please reach out to the hotel directly. Make sure you mention the Alberto-DuBan wedding to capitalize on the room-block rates. +1 610-747-0550
  • I'm coming in from out of town and don't have a vehicle. How do I get around?
    Check out ride sharing companies like Uber or Lyft. Philadelphia is also very public transportation friendly. SEPTA is integrated into Google Maps. Manayunk is also a very walkable area.
  • Will transportation be provided for guests for the wedding events?
    Transportation between events and venues will not be provided for guests. We suggest carpooling or using a car service like Uber or Lyft.
  • Do I need to RSVP?
    Yes, please. We have to give accurate counts to our vendors.
  • When do I need to RSVP by?
    RSVPs for the wedding will close at 11:59pm EST on October 31, 2023. If you haven't responded by then, we'll presume you're not coming and mark your attendance as a "no".
  • How do I RSVP?
    Go here: RSVP or click RSVP in the header. You'll be asked for a password. That password can be found on the back of your invitation. RSVPs are limited to those listed on the invitation envelope. Put the name on your envelope in the blank box on the RSVP site: Please RSVP on the website. When you RSVP via the website, it does the counting and tracking to make event management much easier. If you are having issues with RSVPing on the website, please email , text or call Nickki.
  • What's the password to RSVP?
    Please refer to the back of your paper invitation to find that information.
  • What should I do if I can’t make it?
    Please let us know as soon as possible by RSVPing “no,” so we can plan accordingly. You will be missed!
  • Can I bring a date? A friend? My kids?
    We're very fortunate to have so many friends and family that want to share this momentous occasion with us. - Anyone is welcomed to attend the wedding at the Church. - The reception at Lark is a private reception as the restaurant's capacity is limited. Please refer to the names of guests listed on your invitation's envelope for the invitee names. If your name isn't on the paper invitation, there is not a space reserved for you at the reception. Additionally, the reception is a 21+ event. Please make arrangements in advance for your young people and enjoy a date night - complete with spectacular food and an open bar - on us. Reach out to Nic or Armand directly with specific questions.
  • Will there be any Health and Safety restrictions?
    Yes. Current Covid19 vaccinations and boosters, as well as current flu shots, are required for all guests, vendors and staff attending our wedding. If you have not received the shots, we will celebrate with you the next time we see you. If there are questions or concerns, please reach out to Nic and Armand.
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