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A picture is worth a thousand words

Updated: Feb 6

On October 16, Jeremy made all of my engagement photoshoot dreams come true. I've had this notion of a wedding pun or wedding idiom themed photoshoot in my head for as long as I can remember. Puns and "dad jokes" are my brand of humor; we were blessed to find Jeremy shared the same.

He popped the question.

He's buying the cow.

We're getting hitched.

We're tying the knot.

We're taking the plunge.

We're falling in love.

There's photos of us popping question balloons, Applesauce the cow trying to eat some cash, a trailer hitch with our engagement rings on them (yep- Armand has an engagement ring too!), tying a literal knot, actually taking a plunge into a pool and playing in some falling leaves...during Fall.

Jeremy initially asked for a hand-drawn map. I obliged.

After a few weeks of planning, some help from neighbors to coordinate contacts and the universe allowing things to fall into place, the engagement shoot went off without any noticeable hiccups.

  • I made a google maps for Jeremy to be able to find all of the points of interest for the shoot. Since he hasn't been to the Manayunk area in a while, this was extremely helpful.

  • We picked up balloons from Party City the night before and painted black question marks on them the morning of.

  • Makeup plans fell through but Sephora was able to save the day. I'd had WAY too much coffee that day to keep a steady hand to do my own makeup.

  • I found my dress the day of after having my hair and makeup done in Suburban Square.

  • I found vintage hat pins to "pop the question" at Jinxed, a local variety and vintage shop, on Main Street in Manyunk.

  • The weather held out.

  • Armand's outfit was finally available the day-of as well.

  • The cows at Saul's farm were cooperative and friendly and didn't poo all over us.

  • Thankfully, Jeremy had a hitch on his Jeep to make the 'getting hitched' photo work.

  • Max and Mango didn't eat Jeremy.

  • Jeremy went the extra mile with us to make sure we got every shot we wanted, even though we went over time in the shoot.

  • EVERYONE got in the pool. I'm sad I didn't get a photo of the 3 of us together.

We had the best time. Getting to work together before the wedding itself let the three of us familiarize ourselves with angles, shooting styles, how to coax a smile (fart jokes. middle fingers. 'that's what she said!'), personalities and how to talk with one another.

Armand & I would like to extend an extra special thank you to the Saul High School Agricultural program for being so accommodating to my zany requests. Armand and I are making a donation to support the Ag Program. We encourage our friends and family to do the same.

Donations can be mailed to the school, made by check with Agricultural Program in the notes:

WB Saul High School

attn.: Jane Arbasak

7100 Henry Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19128

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